Artist brews piping-hot geeky art from lattes

Some artists paint on a canvas or tablet, but one creative coffee addict makes geeky art with cream and a latte.

Recognize this symbol? It's the logo for the GNU Unix-like operating system. Yuko Honda

If you're a latte drinker, you've surely noticed that the foamy swirl on top often resembles abstract art.

Japanese artist Yuko Honda uses a latte's liquid canvas to create creamy logos inspired by popular Web sites and software. Her blog, Geeklatte, showcases a few hundred cups of latte art featuring images ranging from Tux the Linux penguin to the play button seen in the middle of YouTube videos and insignias for companies such as Intel, Cisco, Zynga, and Amazon.

Creating a geeky latte logo isn't as difficult as it may seem, as Honda reveals in a video shot recently at the Evernote headquarters. After brewing a latte, she uses a wide popsicle stick to gently apply a creamy base at the top. From there, she sculpts the general shape of the logo, then uses a small paintbrush to etch the finer details. If you practice hard enough, you might be able to emulate Honda's style at your next coffee klatch.

On her blog, Honda explains how she got into latte art in the first place:

"I love the Internet. I love its openness and its favor of information freedom. I thought I could somehow express my gratitude and respect for geeks who are involved in the Internet technology. Besides that, I'm a long-time coffee addict."

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