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Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in Stan Lee cartoon Superhero Kindergarten

Schwarzenegger is taking on a new superhero role.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger will play Captain Courage in Lee's final project. 

Sam Tabone/Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the cast of Superhero Kindergarten, a new animated series for children from late comic book legend Stan Lee.

Schwarzenegger, who will voice the lead character, Captain Courage, said it's an honor to work on the project and help carry on Lee's creative legacy. The series was Lee's final project, according to a release on Wednesday from Genius Brands International.

"Not only does Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten feature comedy and action, but there are many valuable lessons to be learned along the way," Schwarzenegger said. "Of particular pride to me is the fact that I am not only teaching kids to use their superpowers, but I am also imparting valuable lessons to kids worldwide about the importance of health, exercise, and nutrition."

Deadpool co-creator, Fabian Nicieza, is scripting the series. A release date for the series wasn't announced. 

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