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Schwarzenegger gets assembled Terminator-style for 'Celebrity Apprentice'

After replacing Donald Trump as the reality show's host, the actor has apparently been re-assembled and ready to fire (celebrities) at will.

He'll be back -- but definitely not as you expected.


Should we call him "The Arnold" in this new "Celebrity Apprentice" trailer?

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino / NBC

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was announced last year as the new host of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice reality series, is getting assembled and ready to terminate -- er fire -- a batch of celebrity employees.

In a teaser trailer posted to YouTube Friday, the actor gets assembled by robots down in a secret lab reminiscent of, but likely for legal reasons not at all, the Cyberdyne Systems corporation from the Terminator movie series.

The teaser finishes by saying the Schwarzenegger-led show will debut in January 2017.