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Army hopes for gaming fireworks

"America's Army" will storm the shores of the Internet at "0001 hours" on Independence Day with a payload weighing in at 220MB.

The U.S. Army will run a pair of new video games up the flagpole on Independence Day to see if anyone salutes.

The Army said it will release "America's Army" at "0001 hours" on Thursday.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in May, the Army announced that it was developing the PC game to serve as a recruiting tool. Following the announcement, 150,000 people registered for the full version of the game, according to the Army.

The 10-level product features two parts: "Soldiers," a role-playing game, and "Operations," a first-person action game. The software, which weighs in at 220MB, will available for download starting Thursday at the America's Army Web Site and other gaming sites.

The Army said it will distribute the game over the Web and, later this summer, via a free, two-CD set available through Army events, recruiting stations and computer game magazines.