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Arlo's smart video doorbell may be coming soon

An ad with a likely photo of it appeared on a partner site.


The video doorbell appears in the rightmost position.

I-View Now

A video doorbell has been missing from Arlo's popular lineup of home security solutions, and now it looks to be on the horizon. 

Partner I-View, which provides alarm-monitoring services for some of Arlo's products, posted an ad on its site a couple of weeks ago as part of a news release, showing the Arlo lineup -- including the video doorbell labeled as "Coming soon!" It was spotted recently by

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The ad shows a long, oval doorbell, typical of the genre, with camera at the top and a depression button at the bottom, which looks like it has illumination. The ad says: "See and respond to guests from anywhere with crystal clear 2-way audio and 2MP full HD video."

Arlo didn't reply to a request for comment.