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Ariel develops ADSL for telcos

Ariel licenses technology from GlobeSpan technologies that will result in new high-speed modems for telephone companies.

Ariel (ADSP) announced today that it is licensing technology from GlobeSpan Technologies that will result in new ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber lines) modems for telephone companies.

GlobeSpan, which is a former unit of AT&T Paradyne, has licensed its carrierless amplitude phase modulation technology, which Ariel will use in combination with ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) technology for modems used in high-speed networks.

Ariel says that the resulting products will offer operation and administration functions such as configuration, security, and remote diagnostics needed by exchange carriers.

ADSL modems can download data at 1.5 mbps and send out data at 64 kbps over standard copper wire phone lines, speeds significantly higher than the 28.8 kbps provided by today's standard modems. Variations in the distance between the user and the central connection to the phone network, as well as the quality of the wire itself, will affect the rate of transmission.

Ariel is developing ATM-based ADSL technology in hopes that the technology will be competitive with cable modems without requiring telephone companies to overhaul vast portions of their existing phone network.

"Cable companies are targeting data to the home as an area of growth, and if local carriers expect to offer competitive services, including data and video, they'll need ATM's scalability, multiple classes of service, and quality of service support," said David Sobin, vice president of Ariel, in a statement.