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Ariba, Commerce One, others cash in on B2B upswing

As business-to-business e-commerce services and products flood the market, competitors jockey for deals with big-name customers such as DuPont and Royal Dutch/Shell.


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In the Internet's short history, it has changed the way many consumers shop for goods and services. Now it is doing the same in the business sector, and services and software companies are rushing to get a slice of the ever-growing pie.


DuPont signs on for Ariba e-commerce services
The firm says it will install Ariba's business-to-business e-commerce software and use the platform to shift the purchase of an array of services and supplies to the Net. to announce B2B portal
The firm, which helps e-commerce companies set up shop on the Internet, plans to announce that it is launching, a global business-to-business portal.

Royal Dutch/Shell to set up Internet market
The firm says it plans to form a joint venture with Commerce One to develop an Internet marketplace for procurement in the oil, gas and chemicals industry.

Ariba, EDS unit to team on B2B Net marketplaces
The professional services giant said it will use Ariba's B2B e-commerce software to link groups of partners and suppliers that want to purchase goods and services over the Internet.