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Are you using Wi-Fi? You're probably screwed (The 3:59, ep. 299)

We talk about KRACK, a new vulnerability found in a majority of Wi-Fi hotspots, and dish about 5G.


It's time to change your Wi-Fi settings. 

A new vulnerability called KRACK, which stands for key reactivation attack, goes after Wi-Fi devices and networks using WPA2 encryption -- or the type of encryption most of us use for our networks. 

The scary thing about this attack? Even if you protect yourself, chances are other companies or individuals aren't protecting their networks, so be wary of which networks you join. We break that all down. 

On a brighter note, we talk a bit about the future of wireless networks with 5G

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Are you using Wifi? You're probably screwed (The 3:59, ep. 299)

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