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Are you ready to rock?!...and learn some fundamentals about music?

'School of Rock' game for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Paramount Digital Entertainment

There is no Guitar Hero or Rock Band game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are other rhythm games like Tap Tap Revenge andDrummer available, but what do these games really teach you about music?

Well, I wouldn't know personally as I've not played Drummer orTap Tap Revenge. I do know this, though: you may be making straight As playing those games--if by "straight As" I mean enjoying playing them--but let's face it, you're only living in the dumb daze--if by "dumb daze" I mean "did you catch my clever reference?"

Paramount Digital Entertainment has announced the availability of School of Rock. Based on, inspired by using audio clips from the 2003 movie of the same name, School of Rock attempts to educate as well as entertain. Now, before you click the back button or continue to scroll down to the next story, read on before your ADD gets the best of you.

According to Paramount, the game incorporates an array of features that give players the opportunity to explore the history and diversity of music and instruments through a series of quizzes and challenges.

The key features include:

  • Gameplay channels including School of Drums, School of Keys, School of Guitar, and School of Bass
  • Challenges to identify brand-name guitars and keyboards using "axes" from some of the leading names in music
  • Instruction in the areas of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and beats
  • Ability to record your own jam session to playback for review or fun

School of Rock is $6.99 at the App Store, and if you're into music, it may be worth checking out, but seriously, there need to be demos on the App Store for games that cost more than two bucks. IMO, $6.99 is just too much to take a chance that an iPhone app might actually be worth it. Reviews or not.