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Are you ready for some soccer?

Are you ready for some soccer?

Hank Williams Jr. may be the only one not watching football this weekend, as the World Cup 2006 starts--it doesn't "kick off"--with host country Germany playing Costa Rica today. While the attention spans of most American sports fans, myself included, could be sorely tested by the unfamiliar players, the endless "tactical" manuvering, and the lack of scoring (which only gets worse in defense-first World Cup matches, where many teams play not to lose), at least it's in high-def. We'll be able to fill our wide-screens with lots of grass and get a sense of the teams' deployment over the whole field, which apparently plays a big role in soccer. Oh yeah, commercials will also be few and far between.

Thanks to the excellent, here's the complete high-def World Cup schedule. Between filing copy, I'll be watching today at 11:55 on ESPN2 or maybe 1-ish after my DVR gets some time to spool up and pulling for the boys from San Jose. Are you psyched?