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Are you quicker than world's fastest robot?

At National Robotics Week, the world's fastest robot went up against a human-controlled Wii remote. No points if you guess who won.

If you think you're fast with a Wiimote, a recent event at National Robotics Week was designed to take you--and humanity--down a notch or two.

The event at Adept Technology's open house pitted Adept's Quattro, touted as the fastest pick-and-place industrial robot in the world, against all human comers. The challenge was to try to move a sliding platform with a Wiimote faster than the robot could pick and place parts off and on it.

The Quattro is a high-speed packaging and assembly robot that can move at blinding speed. Check out this vid of one model arranging Kit Kat bars on a conveyor belt.

Obviously, the human controller didn't stand a chance in the open-house event. But what if it were done on a two-dimensional plane instead of one? That might slow the robot down a bit. Long enough for humanity to regroup and launch a resistance movement, maybe.

(Via BotJunkie)