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Are you interested in OLED?

OLED-based TVs could potentially perform way better than plasma and LCD, but do you think they're worth the cost?

OLED, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode, televisions have been promised for years. With the potential for plasma-beating contrast ratios and LED LCD-beating thinness, many enthusiasts still hope for this "ultimate" technology in meaningful screen sizes.

Now, I've made my views on OLED pretty clear, but what do you all think?

Would you be willing to pay extra if the performance warranted it? What if it's a lot more expensive?

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The better current-gen plasma and LCD TVs are really quite good (despite potential problems with each), and they're also relatively cheap. Does OLED stand a chance in a market dominated by cheap and crappy flat panels bought en-masse from big-box retailers?

Looking forward to your comments below.