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Are you a Superman or a mouse?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a mouse!

We're sure this mouse doesn't even have enough super strength to withstand a smack with a phone book.

When we first saw this Superman Returns mouse, we were hoping we could test the unit by firing bullets at it or by racing it against some trains.

Sadly, the Superman Returns mouse (AU$26.95) from Australian distributor Anyware features no superpowers whatsoever. Unless you count 800-DPI optical technology, two thumb buttons, page forward/backward functions and USB-connectivity as superpowers. Which would then prompt us to tell you to get out more often.

Apparently, there's a Clark Kent mouse on the way, which is exactly the same as this one except it's wearing glasses. Actually, does anyone else find it strange that we never see the Clark Kent mouse and the Superman mouse in the same room together? Weird...