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Are you a sci-fi fan? Facebook says you like cats more than dogs

Cat people curl up with fantasy stories, while pooch people prefer romances and stories about dogs, according to the social network.

Cat people like sci-fi, dog people like romances, and cats like climbing Christmas trees, as Tango here demonstrates.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

This may come as a shock to all those folks with dogs named Boba or Jango, but according to research by Facebook, it's cat people, not dog lovers, who are supposed to read and watch sci-fi and fantasy.

Facebook reported Monday that it dug into data from 160,000 users of the site who shared pet photos, and drew a litter box full of conclusions from what it learned.

Cat people? You get invited to more events than dog people, and more of you are single (30 percent to 24 percent of dog people). You hang out indoors more (well, duh, since you don't have to walk your pets). And when you're inside, you might be reading or watching sci-fi, fantasy and anime, with "Dracula," "Watchmen" and "World War Z" near the top of your list.

Dog people? You're as tail-waggingly friendly as your pooches, and have 26 more Facebook friends, on average, than cat people. (But why aren't they inviting you to their parties? Maybe you need a grooming appointment.) You like love stories, including "The Notebook," and stories about dogs, even the tearjerking "Marley & Me." You're more likely to watch "Duck Dynasty" than cat people are, and less likely to declare yourself a fan of "The Amazing World of Gumball."

Facebook also shared movie favorites. "Terminator 2" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" top cat people's lists, and "Step Up" and "The Vow" are favorites with dog folks. We all come together and love "Frozen," apparently Sven the reindeer is beloved by all.

Some of the results are simple common sense. City folks tend to own cats, which don't require big yards. Others are so stereotypical they could come straight from a "Garfield" comic strip: Cat people are more likely to be tired, just like their catnapping pets, but they're also happy and feel loved. Dog people are more likely to express excitement or pride. Just like Lassie after she drags Little Timmy out of the well.