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Are untucked Apple shirts the new hoodies?

The Apple iPhone 5 event appears to be getting nearly as much attention for its fashion as for its phone. It seems Apple execs just can't keep their shirts tucked in.

Untucked Apple shirts
I hope they all Facetimed before the event to coordinate their outfits. James Martin/CNET

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg's infamous hoodie took over the world of tech fashion, the tech industry has been searching for a new trend. Google glasses? Too over-the-top. Geek bras? Can't show them off in polite company.

Thank goodness for Apple. While the company was busy announcing some important new thingamabob today, it also may have inadvertently set a new course for geek fashion. Let's all welcome the untucked Apple shirt! *Applause.*

It seemed like everyone who got onstage for the iPhone 5 announcement forgot to tuck their shirts in. Maybe they were embarrassed by their belts. Maybe they were all wearing granny panties that came up to their chests.

Twitter users certainly took notice of the herd of untucked shirts on display at the iPhone 5 event:

Is this the start of something new or just a reflection of the tech biz culture of today? Perhaps the ultimate fashion statement would be a hoodie over an untucked button-down shirt.

Maybe we'll get Joan Rivers giving a live stream of fashion commentary at the iPhone 6 announcement.

Whatever Apple guys choose to wear on their big day, it can't possibly rival the disasters from the 1986 Apple clothing catalog. Hey, Mr. Cook, maybe it's time for a new Apple fashion line. The iShirt should be the centerpiece.

Foo Fighters at Apple event
Even one of the Foo Fighters got the memo. James Martin/CNET

(Via Mashable)