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Are they serious? Company plans iPhone stylus

Are they serious? Company plans iPhone stylus

Though the iPhone was specifically designed to be used without any input device other than the human finger, one third-party company thinks it can do better with a stylus (purportedly to be shipped later this month) that " eliminates tapping mistakes and saves your fingers."iGiki plans (unless it's a joke) to unveil the "TapRight" in mid-August, an iPhone-specifc stylus uses the company's "TouchField technology to produce quick, accurate, and targeted taps. No more relying on the iPhone to correct mistakes or correcting them yourself."The developer's current offerings include a number of Web-based games for the iPhone, including Outer Wars, Sink or Swim, Block (a Tetris clone) and more. It appears this would be their first product offering.No pictures, pricing or other information has been revealed.Feedback?