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Are these iPhone 5 engineering drawings?

Are these "mold engineering drawings" of the iPhone 5? The site iDealsChina claims they are.

The site iDealsChina claims this is a rendering of the iPhone 5. iDealsChina

The site iDealsChina is at it again, posting what it claims are CAD renderings of the next-generation iPhone, which many presume will be called the iPhone 5.

The site says the "mold engineering" drawings were created to help guide accessory manufacturers in the production of their protective cases. Some similar drawings leaked in advance of the iPad 2 launch and an iPad 2 mockup that was spotted at CES in January ended up looking very similar to the actual iPad 2, which went on sale today.

If the purported renderings are to be believed, the next iPhone will look very much like the current iPhone 4 but have a larger screen. Recently, iDealsChina posted an image of what it claimed was a screen digitizer for the iPhone 5. It, too, showed a larger screen with a "edge-to-edge" design. However, some sites claimed the image was a fake.

It's also worth mentioning that these supposed renderings fly in the face of a Taiwan's Economic Daily News report from a few days ago that suggested the next iPhone would have a milled aluminum body that more closely resembled the iPad 2's design. That report also claimed Apple would be changing its antenna design.

We have no idea if these renderings are from Apple (or just created in CAD by someone else) but we do think it would be a good idea for Apple to move to a slightly bigger screen without making the phone any bigger. Why not?

Source: 9to5Mac via BGR

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This 'mold engineer drawing' shows an iPhone 5 that looks very similar to the iPhone 4. iDealsChina