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Are there two new PSPs on the way?

Digg tackles the issue.

The original PSP

The Sony news these days might be split evenly between PS3 buzz and battery-recall woes, but a new rumor's starting to swirl over at Digg: are there new PSPs on the way? Apparently there are two new models in the works, one with a hard drive and one with lots of Flash memory. The whispers appear to have originated at YouNewb, and Diggers are generally cynical. Is it believable? And if so, is a new PSP needed?

"PSP2" rumors and speculation have circulated for quite some time: CNET compiled a wishlist of desired features. And gaming blog Kotaku posted a a pretty "PSP mini" mockup last year. I'm hoping that if there is indeed a revamped PSP on the way, that it has some legitimately cool new features and isn't just a lame way of saying, "Look, we make things besides exploding batteries!"

UPDATE: Crave spoke to analyst P.J. McNealy, who seems to be the point of origin for this speculation. He wouldn't name sources. So, take this all with a grain of salt, and a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila.