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Archos working on Android Internet tablet/phone

An announcement by Texas Instruments reveals that Archos is developing a Internet tablet/phone using Google Android.

Archos, more known for its PVPs like the Archos 5 pictured here, is now working on an Android device. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Thanks to a lovely little press release from Texas Instruments, we now know that Archos is working on a new product line of ultrathin Internet Media Tablets (IMTs) with voice functionality provided by the Google Android operating system.

The release highlights the fact that the new series will use TI's OMAP3 processor and goes on to detail the features of the product, stating that Android will contribute the smartphone and applications environment while Archos will bring the multimedia and Web capabilities.

Given that the company is known for its portable video players, it's no surprise multimedia plays a prominent role. Just take a look at these specs:

  • High-resolution 5-inch screen with full-width page viewing
  • Adobe Flash and Flash video support
  • TV recording and HD playback, all formats
  • Up to 500GB storage
  • Battery life: seven hours video playback

Texas Instrument said the Android-based IMT would be available during the third quarter of 2009, but there's no word on pricing.

[Source: Gizmodo]