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Archos unveils TV+, Wi-Fi DVR

Portable video player manufacturer Archos releases details and photos of their new set-top DVR box, the Archos TV+ WiFi.

Photo of Archos TV+ Wi-Fi DVR.
The Archos TV+ is a set-top box that offers video recording, on-demand Wi-Fi video downloads, and a Web browser. Archos

Looks like Archos has finally let the cat out of the bag on their first set-top DVR, the Archos TV+. Offered in 80GB ($249) and 250GB ($349) versions, the Archos TV+ looks to do about everything the Apple TV failed to deliver, including: an onscreen recording guide; 640x480 video recording quality; a QWERTY remote control; an infrared emitter for controlling your cable box or TV; a built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet that can be used for on-demand video downloads from CinemaNow; a fully-functional Opera web browser with Flash video support (YouTube, DailyMotion, CNET TV, etc.); optional Flash video game downloads; and it even includes cables (gasp!).

Photo of Archos TV+ remote control.
The Archos TV+ includes a QWERTY remote for browsing the web or searching for video content on Cinema Now. Archos

Like Apple TV, the Archos TV+ also allows you to stream existing audio, video, and photo content from your home PC. The Archos TV+ might not have the integrated iTunes support of its competition, but it is compatible with the vast swath of competitors that use DRM-protected WMV or WMA audio and video files. A USB 2.0 connection allows the Archos TV+ to be used as a hard drive for a tidy transfer of files on and off your PC. In addition, a USB 2.0 host connection offers the ability to transfer photos from your digital camera or connect any MSC-compatible MP3 or video player.

For those of you who have been procrastinating about building your own PC-based DVR (Mythbox, MediaCenter, BeyondTV), the Archos TV+ seems to offer a one-stop solution for recording, archiving, and transferring your favorite TV shows. Stay tuned for more coverage at CES 2008.

Photo of back of Archos TV+ DVR.
Hands-on with the Archos TV+. Here's the business end. HDMI output and Ethernet ports are on the right. Donald Bell/CNET Networks