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Archos teases new touch PMP

Details on the Archos 3 touch-screen portable media player are unveiled on the manufacturer's Web site.

Photo of the Archos 3 portable media player.
The Archos 3.

With about as much fanfare as a prison release, a new Archos touch-screen MP3 player made an appearance on the manufacturer's Web site this morning, along with a handful of product specs.

The product page shows off a new pocket-size MP3 player called the Archos 3, featuring a 3-inch, color, touch screen, 8GB of storage, photo playback, a voice recorder, a calendar, a stopwatch, and 14 hours of battery life.

Archos isn't saying when we'll see the Archos 3, how much it will cost, what kind of files it can play, or really giving any indication why anyone should care. Hey, at least it looks more interesting than the Archos 2 player the company silently released back in April.

Here's hoping this is all leading up to a revision of Archos' strongest product, the Archos 5.