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Archos reveals five new Android tablets for fall

Archos announces five new tablet computers due out for 2010, available in a range of sizes, and all running Google's Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system.

Photo of the Archos 101.

Archos carries the distinction of being one of the first manufacturers to produce an Android tablet. Now, it seems it's gunning to be the manufacturer with the largest stable of Android tablets.

Today, Archos revealed its plans to deliver no fewer than five new Android-based tablets in 2010. According to the company, all of its tablets are scheduled to be released about September and October, and each it promises to ship each tablet with Android 2.2 installed. Here's the lineup:

Archos 101
With a cost of about $300, the Archos 101 is the company's top-of-the-line Android tablet. It has a capacitive 10.1-inch touch screen and measures half an inch thick, making its comparison against the Apple iPad all-too-easy. It it powered by a 1GHz processor and includes a HDMI port for outputting 720p video. The 101 also has USB and Bluetooth connections for tethering. It has a front-facing VGA camera that is compatible with preloaded video chat apps. It comes in two capacities--8GB and 16GB, with the 16GB running $50 extra.

Archos 70
The Archos 70 seems to be an uncompromising version of the Archos 7 Home Tablet. Its touch screen is capacitive, rather than resistive, it has a front-facing VGA camera, and its Mini-HDMI port let you to output video to a TV. The Archos 70 will set you back about $275 for an 8GB model, or $350 for 250GB.

Archos 43
If you've caught on the the new Archos naming scheme, you've probably guessed that the Archos 43 uses a 4.3-inch screen. Unlike the higher-end tablets, the 43's screen uses a less-responsive resistive touch technology. To make up for it, Archos threw a camera on the tablet's back that  can record 720p video. It will cost $199 and comes with 8GB of storage.

Archos 32
Approaching the iPod Touch scale, the Archos 32 has a resistive 3.2-inch touch screen and gives you an Android 2.2 tablet for a measly $150. With it you get 8GB of storage, a rear-facing camera that records 720p video, composite video output, and codec support befitting its PMP proportions.

Archos 28
With a screen measuring only 2.8-inches, the Archos 28 is more wafer, than tablet. Still, it comes with Android 2.2, a 320x240-pixel resolution display, plenty of multimedia support, and an 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. Best of all, it's only $99.