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Archos releases new MP3 player

Archos releases new MP3 player

After a quiet winter, Archos has launched the 104 MP3 player, which replaces the 3GB Gmini XS 100. Exactly the same size as its predecessor, the Archos 104 includes a 4GB hard drive, a colorful OLED screen, and photo-viewing features, as well as compatibility with MP3, WAV, and protected WMA (including subscriptions).

Here are some specs from Archos:

  • 4GB hard drive: stores up to 2,000 songs or 40,000 photos
  • OLED 1.5-inch color screen
  • Photo viewer: store, share, and view JPEG2 photos
  • Newly designed icon-based navigation: easily guide through functions and menus with the fresh interface
  • Multiple file formats: plays MP3, WAV, WMA, and protected WMA music and audio podcast files
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life
  • Microsoft PlaysForSure support: purchase, download, or rent protected music content from PlaysForSure-compatible digital music stores
  • Windows Media Player 10 support: enjoy automatic synchronization with Windows Media Player 9 and 10 for fast music transfer
  • Easy music management: use the Archos ArcLibrary to sort music by artist, genre, title, and year, as well as rename, move, copy, or delete files and make playlists directly on the device
  • USB 2.0 connection: download content using a high-speed USB 2.0 connection
  • Choice of color: metallic gray, black, or pink to match your lifestyle
  • Shuffle playlists: shuffle your entire library or select a folder or a playlist for random playback
  • Stereo connection: hook up the Archos 104 to a stereo and play music around the house
  • Wide choice of optional accessories: an extensive list, including a carrying case that can be worn on a belt or around the neck; car chargers; sound cases; and more

    The 4GB Archos 104 shapes up to be a great buy at $150, which is about $100 less than the much waifier 4GB iPod Nano. It's a bit iPod Mini-like in size and aesthetics, plus it has a color screen. If you're a feature hound, you should know that it's missing an FM tuner and recording capabilities. Still, as with the XS 100, we think the 104 will rate highly. It will be available in May.