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Archos hits 100GB for portable video player

Company ups storage capacity on portable, hard-drive-based device that holds and plays back music and video.

After adding digital-video recording capabilities to its hard-drive-based line of portable media players, Archos is turning up the volume on the capacity of its devices to 100GB.

The company announced on Friday its Pocket Video Recorder AV4100, as well as $50 price cuts to other devices in its AV400 series. The AV4100 will cost $800 and will be available in retail stores by the end of February. The 20GB AV420 now costs $500, and the 80GB AV480 costs $750.

The AV4100 joins a growing list of hard drive-based portable devices that can play back music and video and display images.

The devices can play back MP3, WMA or WAV files. Consumers will be able to schedule shows to be recorded by picking a time and channel or by synchronizing online with Yahoo TV Guide to get a lineup of shows to choose from. The device also displays digital images.

The AV4100 will come with a cradle that connects to a video source, such as a television or set-top box, over a USB 2.0 cable. It will have an external speaker and built-in CompactFlash reader for transferring files directly to the device. The AV4100 comes with a 100GB 2.5-inch hard drive and a 3.8-inch color screen.