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Archos debuts trio of affordable Platinum tablets

The French hardware maker hopes to chip away at Samsung and other bigger players with its new tablet threesome.

The Archos Platinum series of tables is available in three sizes. Archos

Weeks after teasing its new Android tablets for IFA, French hardware maker Archos has formally unveiled (PDF) its Platinum line. Offered in three display size options, the tablets are an affordable alternative to the likes of those from Samsung and Apple.

The Archos Platinum family of tablets features much of the same hardware across the board, however, it's mostly midrange stuff at best. This is to be expected, of course, when you aim to compete on price.

Each is powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and comes with a quad-core 1.6GHz processor with 8GB internal storage. MicroSD card slots are present as are Mini-HDMI ports; the standard fare of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-USB, and 3.5 mm headphone jacks round out the connectivity. The smallest of the pack, the 80b Platinum, gets 1GB RAM; the other two boast double that at 2GB each. Strangely, the 101 Platinum is the only model with integrated GPS.

The chief difference among the tablets comes in the area of display sizes and resolution. The 80b Platinum has an 8-inch 1,024x768-pixel screen; the 101 Platinum offers users a 10.1-inch 1,280x800-pixel panel. The 97b Platinum has a midsize 9.7-inch display, but resolution is much higher at 2,048x1,536 pixels.

As we typically find with Archos, the tablet prices are quite competitive: the 8-inch model is expected to retail for $199.99, with the 9.7-inch coming in at $269.99 and the 10.1-inch model fetching $299.99. The battle will come in retail availability and general consumer awareness. Archos expects the Platinum models to roll out in October.