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Archos 504: 160 raw gigs in your pocket

Archos officially launches the 504, which maxes out at an amazing 160GB.

On Wednesday, Archos makes official the availability of its 504 series of PVPs, which actually have been available for days.

The 504, which sports the same gorgeous 4.3-inch wide-screen display as the sleek 604, blends excellent video playback performance with gigantic drive capacities--including the monster 160GB version (enough for, say, about 50 Amazon Unbox movies and room for a few thousand songs).

The 504's 2.5-inch laptop drive explains the unit's thickness (the similarly designed 604 is waifish in comparison but maxes out at 30GB); like the 604 it has a removable battery but lacks a built-in kickstand. Prices start at $350 for the 40GB version and go all the way up to a whopping $600 for the 160GB version.

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