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Archos 2 MP3 player outed on Amazon

Details leak on the Archos 2 and Archos 4 MP3 players, with music, photo, video, and voice-recording capabilities.

Photo of the Archos 2.
The Archos 2 takes a page from the designs of the iPod Nano and the Zune. Amazon

Details on a forthcoming MP3 player from Archos named the Archos 2 have been revealed on Though there's nothing revolutionary about the specs of the Archos 2, the $59 price tag (8GB) may be enough to have you overlooking its mediocrity. Basically, this is a budget MP3 player that emulates the candy bar designs and portrait-style screen orientations of the Apple iPod Nano and Microsoft Zune. The Archos 2 features a 1.8-inch color screen, and includes music playback (MP3, WMA), a photo viewer, video playback (AVI), and voice-recording capabilities. There's no FM radio, however, which is a little odd considering most iPod alternatives have one.

Amazon is showing both black and white versions of the Archos 2, but so far, we're only seeing one capacity (8GB), priced at an affordable $59. There's no word on a release date.

The arrival of the Archos 2 isn't a surprising move from the manufacturer, especially considering that it has been nearly two years since the release of the Archos 105 MP3 player, which shares the same 1.8-inch screen, feature set, and baffling lack of FM radio. This latest model includes features such as voice recording and microSD memory expansion, which weren't available on the Archos 105, but doesn't seem to have a whole lot going for it, otherwise.

A 16GB model of the Archos 2 is rumored for Europe, as well as a new PVP known as the Archos 4, which includes a 4-inch screen and up to 32GB of storage (a refresh of the Archos 405, perhaps?). Time will tell if, or when, these new Archos gadgets will make it to the States.