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Arcade machine to raise funds for Japan relief

U.K. arcade maker creates limited-edition "Art-cade" with more than 350 classic games. All proceeds will go to the British Red Cross tsunami relief fund.

Bespoke Arcades

Here's your chance to have some fun and contribute to the Japan tsunami relief effort at the same time. U.K.-based Bespoke Arcades and graphic artist Shok-1 have worked together to design and produce a limited-edition "Art-cade" machine, which is now available for auction on eBay starting at around $7,865. The auction is ending on September 25, with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross tsunami relief fund.

Some highlights of the Art-cade machine include a huge 28-inch LCD screen, a library of more than 350 classic games, and authentic arcade-style controls. The rig is powered by an Intel dual-core chip running Microsoft Windows 7 together with a 2.1 audio system featuring an integrated woofer. Refer to the auction page for more technical information.

(Source: Crave Asia via Born Rich)