ARA 3.0 conflict with Global Village (and more?)

ARA 3.0 conflict with Global Village (and more?)


Two readers have confirmed essentially the same problem:

Allen Sher writes: "I just installed ARA 3.0 on a Motorola MT4200 running Mac OS 8 and a Global Village 33K external modem (with their latest software). Global Village call sensing worked fine between fax and ARA incoming calls under ARA 2.1. Under 3.0 it does not work, and just turning on ARA call answering causes major problems." Allen claims that Global Village tech support confirmed this incompatibility, adding that "Global Village said that Apple made changes to ARA which was unexpected and not disclosed to Global Village. They went on to say that they were working on a solution, but did not believe it would be fixed too soon."

Tom Mulhall reports similar problems and adds that the problem may be more general: "It may occur with any software that wants to share the modem port while ARA is in Answer Mode."

Update: Clinton Kraft (from Global Village) offers this reply to the above item:

"I must take issue with this. I'm not aware of any conflict between ARA 3.0 and Global Village modems or software per se. ARA 3.0 is distributed with four Global Village CCL scripts: Global Village Gold/Silver/Merc, Global Village Platinum/Gold II, Global Village x2, and Global Village 28.8-k56. Owners of Global Village modems need only select the appropriate CCL script for their modem when using ARA 3.0.

I believe the underlying issue is that Global Village managed to provide their customers with data/fax discrimination when using ARA 2.1 and the appropriate GV ARA 2.1 CCL script. This 'feature' is no longer supported in ARA 3.0. My advice to users that want data/fax call sensing is to continue using ARA 2.1 and the appropriate ARA 2.1 CCL script for now. Users of ARA 3.0 should use the GV CCL scripts that came with ARA 3.0 and not expect data/fax call sensing. '...just turning on ARA call answering...' should not be a problem when the appropriate GV CCL script is used."

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