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'Aquascooter'--the manly way to dive

Portable gasoline-powered water craft

Some people apparently think the "Scuba-Doo" is for sissies. So for these macho readers, we point to the "Aquascooter" selling for $900 on (Our masculinity isn't threatened. Really.)

It's touted as the "world's only totally portable, submersible, gasoline-powered personal water craft." We don't suspect there was a whole lot of competition for the title, but that's beside the point. The Aquascooter can travel 5 mph for more than 10 miles without refueling, according to Red Ferret, "which kind of blows away all the electric alternatives"--including the Scuba-Doo, we presume.

Ten miles? That's too far from the tiki bar for us anyway.