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High art: Watch April the Giraffe paint a masterpiece

Remember the mama giraffe/webcam star who gave birth on YouTube? She's now sticking her neck out to try a new career -- painter.

April the Giraffe was the toast of YouTube back in 2017, when the resident of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York delivered her calf online while 500,000 viewers watched.

April's baby boy, Tajiri, will be a year old on April 15, and his mama has found herself a new career -- artist.

Every Tuesday in March, April (with a little help from head giraffe keeper Allysa Swilley) smears some paint on a canvas, encouraged by carrot treats. You can watch the video of her latest attempt here.

"Does the red and black give away that we're @njdevils fans?" Swilley wrote on Instagram. "This is one of my biggest career accomplishments to date. Getting April (to) not only hold a paintbrush but to also put that paintbrush to a canvas has been a very long and sometimes very frustrating journey. I learned some more patience, she learned how to paint, and now we are making masterpieces together! Art with April is my own personal success. Here's to more training success in the future. Make sure you check us out live every Tuesday at 1. Many more pieces to come."

The finished April artworks are then sold via auction on the park's Facebook page. The highest bid for Tuesday's painting was $2,275. The Facebook page notes that "funds raised will support the continued mission of Animal Adventure Park; conservation through education." It also says that the supplies used are "non-toxic, kid-safe paints."

While April only paints Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET, the giraffe cam is up 24-7 at