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These 11 free apps will get your resolutions back on track

Already wrecked your New Year's resolutions? These free Android and iOS apps will help reboot your resolve.

New Years goals stalling? Not to worry. There are tons of apps designed to help you lose weight, travel more and spend more time with the family. Better yet, many of these Android and iOS apps are completely free.

1. Lose It: You can track your calories and activities to watch yourself visually approach your weigh loss goal. The included social network means you can both give and receive motivation -- bonus! Android | iOS

Also see: Calorie Counter (SparkPeople), Calorie Counter (MyFitnessPal), Calorie Counter (FatSecret)

2. Sleep Time: Having trouble getting up earlier? A different approach on the alarm clock, this app promises a smarter wakeup system that tunes into your sleeping patterns. A good night's sleep might help you knock out your other resolutions, too. Android | iOS

Also see: Sleepbot, Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson, Sleep Better with Runtastic

3. Smoke Free: Quitting smoking is unbelievably hard, so this app uses visualizations to help you kick the habit. It'll track the money you save, count the cravings you've resisted and show your health improve. To keep you motivated, in-app badges reward your progress. Android | iOS

Also see: SmokeFree (MotiveBite), SmokeAware, Smotivator

4. Happn: This is the year to find your soul mate. Matchmaking app helps you meet new friends or potentially fall in love. Read profiles, search for interests, and once you find a match, start chatting immediately. Android | iOS

Also see: Tinder, OkCupid, Zoosk

Todoist can help organize your cluttered life.

Scott Webster/CNET

5. Todoist: Getting organized lays the groundwork for just about every resolution. This full-featured solution lets users create to-do lists and stay on top of larger projects. You can apply labels and filters, and the app ties into your Google Calendar to set meaningful reminders . Android | iOS

Also see: Wunderlist,, Google Keep

6. Eventbrite: Resolved to be more social or spend time discovering new places? Search this app to find live music, fitness classes, theater, and kid-friendly activities. Although it covers all areas, it's extra-valuable in larger cities. Android | iOS

Also see: Foursquare, Gravy, Gogobot

7. Ibotta: Browse this coupon app or create a shopping list for major brands or stores. Ibotta matches you up with promised rebates. When you get home, snap pictures of your receipt, and Ibotta will send your savings through PayPal or Venmo, or build them up in a gift card to use at stores like Starbucks, Best Buy or Amazon. Android | iOS

Also see: Shopkick, Ebates, RetailMeNot

8. Mint: Getting a better grip on your finances could help tamp down debt or free up funds for a trip. This colorful, easy-to-decipher interface shows you how you spend your money most. It'll help you track your budget, sets reminders and dispenses personalized tips. Android | iOS

Also see: Toshl Finance, Monefy, Wallet - Budget Tracker (BudgetBakers)

TripAdvisor offers user-generated reviews on flights, hotels, restaurants, sights, and more.

Scott Webster/CNET

9. TripAdvisor: If you want to see world this year, you'll need an all-in-one travel app that brings together real-life reviews on cities, flights, hotels and even individual restaurants, sights, and tours. It's a dynamic community where you're encouraged to leave your own reviews, too. Android | iOS

Also see:, Lonely Planet, TripIt, Kayak

10. Whatever the goal is that you have in mind -- being more productive, getting in shape, trying new parenting techniques -- taps a network of other users to help keep you accountable to your goal while you help them with theirs. Android | iOS

Also see: Fabulous: Motivate Me, HabitBull, Rewire

11. Pacifica: Get your stress under control! This app presents you with daily challenges, breathing activities and mood tracking. You can record your thoughts and chat with private groups for additional support. Android | iOS

Also see: Calm, HeadspaceDating, The Mindfulness App

Whatever your goal, sticking with one of these apps will help you reestablish your routine. Is there a mobile app that you rely on to help keep your goal on track? Let me know in the comments.