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Application makes screen recording easy

The company behind GoToMyPC takes the stage at Demo 09 to show a new screen recording program and website.

PALM DESERT, CALIF -- Programs like Camtasia Studio that let you record what you do on your PC (including motion and sound) have been around for awhile but Citrix Online, the company behind GoToMyPC, is simplifying the process of creating videos and bringing them to the web. I've only seen the onstage demo at Demo 09 and haven't worked with the program but, from what I saw, it does look like it's easier to use than other screen capture programs I've used.

GoView doesn't just capture still shots but entire screen sessions with optional voice narration and lets you quickly share the video with others via the web.

It can be used to create video documentation for software or, presumably, to make a video of a PowerPoint presentation or anything else that is displayed on a PC screen.

You start the process by clicking "record screen" from a small menu that appears in the task bar. Then you do whatever you need to do, such as navigating a spreadsheet or entering information in an expense report. While you're working you can narrate the process through a PC microphone and everything is recorded. When you're done, you click an icon to stop the recording.

The video is then automatically uploaded to a Citrix Online server. You can then do editing such as trimming off the beginning or end and adding titles throughout the video using tools that are very similar to what you'll find in standard video editing programs.

When you're done, the video remains on the server and lets you share it with others by clicking the share icon or pasting the video's URL into an email message.

Because there are other programs on the market that accomplish the same tasks this is not a game changing product but it does appear to make the process easier and, combined with Citrix Online's reputation for its other services, could help this company gain market share in this small but important niche market.