AppleVision 1.5.3 fixes bugs; new Mac hardware coming

AppleVision 1.5.3 fixes bugs; new Mac hardware coming

AppleVision 1.5.3, a set of three disk images, updates the software for AppleVision monitors. [This updated software is not included in Mac OS 8!]

The previously released Display Enabler 2.2.2, now included with this software package, fixes the problem where resolutions are lost after installing Mac OS 7.6.1 on NuBus-based Power Macintosh computers with AppleVision displays connected to the AV Display Connector (as previously reported here).

Two other issues fixed with AppleVision 1.5.3 are:

On some PowerBook computers, a 1710AV would not be recognized when the the PowerBook would come out of sleep. The issue would sometimes disable the display's bezel controls when connected to a PowerBook.

Microphone playthru is turned off on the 6300, 6400, and 6500s when the display's built-in-microphone is active.

The Read Me file for the new software contains numerous other troubleshooting tidbits, such as this one: "If you get an error message when opening the Monitors & Sound control panel that says the System AV extension needs to be installed, and you already have the extension installed, there probably isn't enough memory available to load the extension. Try disabling some extensions or control panels, or turning on Virtual Memory, in order to allow the extension to load during startup."

By the way, the word on the street is that the AppleVision 1710AV is about to be discontinued. A new 17 inch monitor should take its place. It is one of several new hardware additions Apple is expected to announce between now and Macworld Expo in August. A MacWEEK article has more details.

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