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AppleShare 3.8 issues

AppleShare 3.8 issues


Regarding Apple's recently released AppleShare Client 3.8 software:

Speed and connection improvements Good news to report. Chuck Griffin writes: This new upgrade is a major improvement to our network. It has dramatically speeded up the startup process on the desktops. The way the network has been working, when starting up a computer, and the extension loading comes to AppleShare, it stops for as long as 45 seconds as it appears to search the network. With the upgrade, the slowdown is for about 3 seconds. The second issue is that even though the server software is set up to connect by TCP, half the time, on restart of desktops, it connects by AppleTalk, and we have not been able to get management of that. We have to trash the server icon and reconnect through the Chooser/AppleShare to connect by TCP. Now, with 3.8, all restarts connect by TCP."

Custom icon glitch Brian Opitz writes: "The new AppleShare Client v3.8 refuses to display custom icons for mounted server volumes. Instead it uses a generic shared resource icon. In fact if you mount the server volume that has a custom icon via an alias, the alias of the server volume changes to the generic shared resource icon. The icon for the shared volume on the server continues to display its custom icon on the server however."

Update: Three readers (Chris Bailey, Simon Cousins and Shane Iseminger) report not having this custom icon problem. Chris offers a possible solution for those that do: "Whenever I install a new AppleShare client, I'm in the habit of chucking the AppleShare Prep file. Maybe that helps."

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