Apple's WWDC (and a personal note)

Apple's WWDC (and a personal note)


Today starts Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. You can be sure thatvarious online news sources (such as MacWEEK Online) will be covering events as they happen. Apple will be having free webcast access. I will of course be posting significant announcements here on the Late-Breakers page.

A personal note: The time of last year's WWDC was a low point for Apple. Apple had recently posted its worst quarterly loss ever and, while Apple was officially touting the impending arrival of Copland, the failure of Copland software to show up at the WWDC was the first sign of the OS's actual demise. Hardware problems were also evident as Apple announced its Repair Extension Program, recalling a significant number of its machines. PowerBooks were virtually non-existent from Apple's product line-up.

The outlook is much better this time around. Apple's problems are far from over. But I truly believe that the corner has been turned. Apple's product line, with its new PowerBooks and high speed desktops, is better than it has been in years. Mac OS 8 and Rhapsody truly seem to be on schedule and promise a much needed lift to Apple's OS. Clone manufacturers have provided a significant boost to Apple's hardware sales. For the first time in a long time, I am beginning to look forward to what the coming months will bring.

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