Apple's WWDC (and a personal note)

Apple's WWDC (and a personal note)


morevariations and utilities that may help a. Morevariations on the theme Last week, I reported on a reader with a a PowerWave 604/120 that had the mouse-related startup freeze problem (that is, unplugging and replugging the mouse temporarily cured the problem). That reader needed to have a mouse and a keyboard replaced for a final solution.

Now, Dan Watson writes that he had the same problem and ultimately needed his power supply replaced before the problem was cured.

Dan Ritter had the problem on his PowerBase 180, but not with the factory-shipped mouse. Rather it first appeared (only on cold boots) after he shifted to Kensington's Mouse-in-a-Box.

b. ADB Bus resetting utilities There are two utilities that, while almost certainly not the total solution to this problem, can be a convenient help. They allow you to reset the ADB port without having to shut down your Mac, unplug and replug your mouse, and restart. They may fix avariety of ADB-related problems including jerky mouse movement or a keyboard in which some keys do not always respond when pressed. The utilities are Focus BusTool and Mouse Jolt. (Thanks, Mac-Wizards.)

I have added these utilities to the Download Library here at MacFixIt. These are not new utilities; they are simply ones of which I am newly aware.

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