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Apple's Time Capsule and Airport Extreme revisions tested

Apple updates Time Capsule and the Airport Extreme and we review them.


Apple "announced" upgrades to both their Time Capsule and Airport Extreme Base Station in October. After much ado, attempting to get the new revisions and the old ones in-house to test, we've finally completed testing and have updated the reviews.

The thing about network testing is that because so many factors can potentially affect wireless network traffic, results can be quite unpredictable. This is especially true in an office environment like CNET's San Francisco office, where everyone and their mother seems to own an iPhone or BlackBerry.

While we attempt to minimize interference by analyzing the spectrum and choosing the best wireless band, we can't stop random devices using the band and cluttering the network. The mothers are usually the worst offenders.

So we test in an environment that, while not 100 percent clean, is 100 percent real-world. Check out the review updates for the Apple Time Capsule and Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, to see how these two fared in a real environment.