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Apple's success drags Microsoft along

Microsoft could at least say "Thank you." :-)

With Apple doing so well of late, it's only fair that it's starting to share the wealth, this time with Microsoft, which has seen sales of its Office for Mac 2008 program triple the sales rate of its previous version. For those keeping track, that's the highest rate in its 19-year history.

Microsoft, however, struggled to credit Apple with the success. You really must read the PR contortionist to appreciate it:

"Of course, Mac sales continue to be strong. That alone, though, isn't sufficient...And you know, I think it's just a really great product, so I think those...things all went together.

Well, I agree that it's a great product. But come on, Microsoft, the sheer volume of Mac sales must have a lot to do with the sale of the product. Just say "Thank you" and be done with it.