Apple's Siri the butt of Doritos Super Bowl ad

In its Super Bowl spot, Doritos introduces Suzie, a cell phone personal helper with something of a temper.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Make Siri mad and she'll let you know. For you might not realize that she actually has large metal tentacles that can get right into your chips.

This, at least, is the premise of a Super Bowl spot from Doritos.

No, they can't use the name "Siri." Instead, this cell phone helper is called "Suzie." But you know exactly who they mean.

Suzie is efficient at ordering pizza.

However, you shouldn't try to tease her by offering her a Dorito. You might think you're being clever in that Suzie has a mouth that only talks, not eats.

But these cell phone helpers are not without their hidden abilities, as these two fine, upstanding gentleman discover--to the detriment of their health insurance budget.

The more I look at this ad, I wonder whether it suggests that Siri has a certain dominatrix personality, something that certain Apple users really find rather alluring.