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Apple's Siri can field tougher questions and follow-ups

Apple is making improvements to Siri's ability to understand users' commands without getting confused.

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Apple's virtual assistant Siri might be best known for mangling and misunderstanding questions and commands from users. That could change as Apple has been making improvements to the system, which it demoed Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

While showing off how Siri can now be used on Apple's newest Mac operating system, "MacOS Sierra," Apple's software VP Craig Federighi demonstrated the virtual assistant's new ability to understand sophisticated queries. For example, you can ask for specific files from within a time frame and then refine that query to find files from a certain sender.

Siri was first introduced in 2011. Although it was an early entry in the virtual assistant arena, the tool has been relatively limited in usefulness. One reason is those frequent misunderstandings, especially for those with accents.