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Apple's Screen Time limits are no match for determined kids

They're already defying parents with clever workarounds.


Turns out kids aren't going to accept Apple's Screen Time limits.

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

iOS 12's Screen Time made it possible for parents to limit kids' app use 10 days ago, but smart kids have already discovered several workarounds.

Parents revealed how their kids found ways around the limits they'd imposed on apps in a Reddit thread with more than 8,700 upvotes, as previously reported by TheNextWeb.

One 7-year-old deleted an app after it was locked by Screen Time, then redownloaded it from the App Store using the cloud icon -- resetting the limiter's clock -- so he could play it again.

"I'm not even mad. That's impressive," his dad wrote.

Several Reddit users noted that you can put a stop to this workaround by setting Install Apps to Not Allowed. However, this also stops apps from getting updates (including security ones), 9to5Mac notes.

Apple points out that redownloading apps from the App Store can be stopped in Screen Time's Restrictions.

Another got around a YouTube block by sending himself videos via the iMessages app and watching them there.

"I know we can block iMessages, but we want to have that available for communication, if need be," wrote that child's father.

Another parent asked Apple directly what they could do about their child getting around the limits by changing the device's clock to an unrestricted time, but no solution was apparent.

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One parent suggested that others take the pre-iOS 12 approach to limiting their kids.

"I just tell him when it's time for a break and have him hand over the iPad the old fashioned way, just like the early settlers did," they wrote.

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