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Apple's Safari 4 tops 11 million downloads in 3 days

After releasing the latest version of its browser at this week's WWDC, Apple says it took just three days to mark 11 million downloads.

Apple's Safari 4 Web browser was downloaded more than 11 million times in the first three days of release, the company said Friday.

And more than 6 million of the downloads came from Windows users.

Safari's Top Sites feature. Apple

Since Safari 4's public beta release in February, Apple has touted the browser as the fastest in the world, when compared with other popular browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.

According to Apple, Safari 4 tops IE 8 and Firefox by three times or more when loading HTML Web pages. With its Nitro JavaScript engine, the company claims, Safari executes JavaScript almost eight times as fast as IE 8 and more than four times as fast as Firefox.

Based on the open-source Webkit browser engine, Safari includes HTML 5 support for offline technologies and is the first browser to pass the Web Standards Project's Acid3 test.

Safari includes several enhancements, such as Top Sites, the ability to search history, Google Suggest, and Full Page Zoom, to make browsing the Web a bit easier.

Safari is free for download for both Mac and Windows users.