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Apple's "poor" customer service

Technical support at Apple is reportedly bad. That hasn't been my experience.

I've read about Apple's poor customer service in several places, most recently on the O'Reilly Radar. My problem with these reports is that I've experienced the exact opposite. In my experience, Apple has great customer support. (As late as 2005, the industry agreed with me.)

Ever called AppleCare's support line? I can't remember the last support technician with whom I talked that wasn't competent on the technology and treated me like someone that actually knows my way around a computer. It's probably true that the Genius Bar support technicians can be snooty, as some report, but for the majority of people who dial for support, it's a non-issue.

When you call a company for support, you want two primary things:

  1. A support technician with the competence and desire to help and
  2. A system that tracks your issues so that they don't get lost.

For me, Apple is nearly flawless in these two critical areas. Apple is always very quick on turning around hardware repairs, too, which is another critical component of support.

But perhaps I've had the few good experiences that Apple has to dole out? Your experience, please....