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Apple's Oscars iPad ad is set to the tune of Martin Scorsese

Technically Incorrect: A new ad for the iPad -- and shot with an iPad -- features high schoolers making movies and the sound of a speech by movie director Martin Scorsese.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

She's not dreaming. She's being like Scorsese. Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Should you be watching the post-Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers entertainment -- which you might refer to as the Oscars -- you'll see a tribute to the movies. The movies you can make with your iPad, that is.

Apple is debuting an ad that features students from the LA County High School for the Arts.

Armed with iPads and imaginations, they were tasked to create movies. Because, well, anyone can make a movie these days. (The ad itself was shot on an iPad Air 2.)

Accompanying their efforts is a voiceover from famed director (and occasional actor in Apple ads) Martin Scorsese.

"You can't do work according to other people's values," begins the speech. Which, some might muse, applies equally to Apple as to filmmaking.

It's odd, then, that too many movies look the same, as do too many phones.

Here, though, Scorsese underlines that filmmaking isn't about following your dream. "If you're dreaming, you're sleeping," he offers wisely.

Making movies is about doing it, and doing it again, and keeping on doing it until something emerges that moves someone else.

The words actually come from Scorsese's commencement speech to NYU's Tisch Class of 2014. The sentiment, though, is one that applies to so many activities in life.