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Apple's original iPad with two dock connectors found on eBay

Ever since the launch of the first iPad, rumors floated that early designs displayed dual dock connectors. Now a new eBay listing seems to confirm these prototypes.

Apple's original iPad. James Martin/CNET

A mythical first-generation iPad surfaced on eBay this past week confirming rumors that the device may have originally intended to have two dock connectors, according to MacRumors.

"This is one of a VERY small amount of apple prototype devices and you rarely see these on eBay," the listing says. "This iPad has 16GBs of capacity, and is incredibly unique. For starters, it has 2 dock connectors."

When the iPad was first introduced in 2010, it came with one dock connector in portrait, or vertical, mode. But rumors floated that the device would have another dock connector in landscape, or horizontal, mode. Early patent designs also showed the iPad with dual connectors -- these designs were credited to, among others, former CEO Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, Apple's industrial design chief.

Later in 2010, prototype photos were leaked that showed the two dock connectors. Now, this eBay listing shows similar photos in which the original 16GB iPad appears with two holes for either charging or connecting the device to a computer.

"Apple prototyped these iPads to have this connector late in the process and at the last minute decided to remove them," the eBay listing says. "There are patent drawings and leaked casings that show the indents for both dock connector holes, but this unit has both dock connectors, and both are full functional for charging this iPad and connecting it to your computer."

As of this writing, the current bid on this iPad is $10,000 and the auction is set to end around midnight Eastern Time tonight.

"Be aware this is a one of a kind item, none like this have been listed on eBay before," the listing says. "It comes with no warranty, and is intended as a cool collectors item or if you're interested in the hardware or software on it."