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Apple's next big thing

Apple's next big thing

Last week, members of the press received an invite to "come see some fun new products from Apple" on February 28 (more details here). Unlike many of the release events in the past couple of years, this latest enticement directs us to Apple's Town Hall on the Cupertino campus. Recent rumors that the company filed a patent for a touch-screen interface for the iPod have fueled the buzz that a sixth-gen iPod is in the works. Is that what Apple will show off to the press next Tuesday? If it is, what do you think the next iPod will look like? Or could it be a new laptop, a tablet PC, a media center, or a smart phone? We've had an overwhelming response from our readers since we initially posted this blog last week. So far, the comments have varied quite a bit. It looks like several people are hoping for an updated iPod, but many think it will be new Intel-based computers. Other favorites include an Apple PDA and, as recently posted on Think Secret, an iPod boom box.

Update: It looks like Think Secret had the inside scoop on this one. Get the details here.