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Apple's new iPhone 5C ad looks like, well, an iPod ad

In the middle of Monday Night Football, something stirred. It was paint. Colorful paint. It was a new iPhone 5C ad. Well, relatively new.

Will it color your world? TelevisionPromosDB/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There is no lasting pleasure in watching the Cincinnati Bengals play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Well, unless you're in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, or jail.

However, during ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast there appeared an ad that seemed vaguely familiar.

It had a white background, featured paint and bright colors, all to the sound of a tuneful ditty.

Yes, this was an ad for the iPhone 5C, the phone that Apple began to sell on pre-order on Friday, but no one knows how many it sold.

This new ad features the music of the Sleigh Bells. The song is called "Rill Rill."

It's so very, very Apple-y that it simply couldn't be anything else.

And yet, as my mind whirred to the dulcet notes of a Sauvignon Blanc, I wondered where else I'd seen paint and pretty colors and an Apple logo.

Why, it was this 2008 ad for the iPod nano.

You know, the one with the lady from Chairlift insisting she tried to do handstands for you. (I've embedded it below, in case you were too busy painting the town red then.)

Perhaps this is no coincidence.

There are those who feel that one of the true purposes of the iPhone 5C is to be a very fine iPod substitute for kiddies who need color and music. And, um, paint.

The new ad enjoys rather distinct sighs of pleasure and a characteristic laid-back atmosphere, both of which were surely designed in California.

I wonder, however, just how much of an ecstatic hit this phone -- perhaps the first where hardware and software seem entirely in harmony -- will prove to be.