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Apple's new iPad ads: No Samsung jokes (well, maybe one)

Apple releases two new iPad ads that largely offer a continuation of the perception that Apple is the only tablet game in town.

Nothing shallow here. Apple Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you're sitting at Apple HQ, you must be very aware of Samsung.

There must be such a temptation to offer a public swat or two at the fly that has cleverly positioned itself as the challenger to your own emotional supremacy.

Yet, with two new iPad ads that Apple has just released, Cupertino is stoically continuing to pretend that its tablet exists in a world all of its own.

Here, to vaguely jazzy music, we see words flash across the screen at lightning speeds. Not one of these words is "patent," "lawsuit" or "rip-off."

Instead, in one ad called "Alive," we see all sorts of educational and entertaining excitements. They are accompanied by words like "alive," "loud," and "surprise."

In the other, called "Together," we see, well, more or less the same. Here the words include "beautiful," "phenomenal," and "brilliant."

How odd to see Apple boast quite this much.

Apple simply wants you to understand -- as if you haven't grasped this already -- that it enjoys so many apps through its beautiful, phenomenal, and brilliant ecosystem.

It stands on its superior pedestal and doesn't deign to look down.

Still, I wasn't convinced that through two ads there wasn't one solitary jab at the competition.

So I slowed the words down to see whether a small, subliminal jest might have been inserted.

I think I may have found one. In the "Together" ad, there appears one solitary word that those who love Apple believe will always distinguish the brand from any other.

That word is "taste."