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Apple's new iPad 2 ad: Too much boasting?

A new ad for the iPad 2 tugs so hard at the heartstrings and makes such grandiose claims for its existence that some may find it a little much.

Have you ever walked into a bar, sidled up to a nice lady seated there, and told her how great, how powerful, how ground-breaking you are? No, really. Just once. Yes, that night after you got dumped by Clarissa with the large bank account.

It's very hard to tell someone how great you are. It's even harder when you try to do it in an ad. People wear their cynicism over their T-shirts these days, so I wonder how they might react to Apple's latest ad for the iPad 2.

This follows the excellent "We Believe" spot, which talked about philosophy, intention, and how technology alone isn't enough.

In this new ad, Peter Coyote's voice begins to talk for the people, as opposed to for the company. Some might find that an uncomfortable stretch.

"If you asked a parent, they might call it intuitive," hums Coyote at the beginning. "If you ask a musician, they might call it inspiring," he continues.

But when words like "ground-breaking," "powerful," and "the future" begin to roll from Coyote's throat, some might feel the urge to mutter: "I call it enough already."

Though the heartstrings experience a severe tugging, one is reminded that some of Apple's best ads are characterized not by how much they boast, but how little.